Malaika - Cairo

Malaika uses Egyptian cotton to create high-quality textiles for your home decoration. They teach hand embroidery and other craftmanship to local women in Egypt, empowering them to improve their economic standing. Each Malaika product is a small work of art, crafted in a dynamic and creative process. Malaika believes in promoting entrepreneurship and responsible business as a form of empowerment.

Doing goods

Doing Goods is known for their beautiful and unique handmade products. They work closely with local artisans from different countries such as India and Morocco to create their collection of interior goods.

What sets them apart is their focus on sustainability and fair trade. They ensure that all their artisans receive fair payment and working conditions while preserving the traditional craft methods in production.


Laya’s focus on handmade design in Nepal and Peru ensures a positive impact on the local communities.

They collaborate with locals and respect their traditions, creating a connection between different cultures. By purchasing Laya’s products, you are supporting local “Women Empowering” initiatives and contributing to a sustainable and fair global society. It is more than just a Danish design brand, it is a movement towards a more harmonious and meaningful lifestyle.

Les Ottomans

Les Ottomans, an exclusive Italian brand, specializing in creating aesthetic and unique interior products.

Les Ottomans offers an impressive range of textiles and interior products made from premium materials, featuring patterns and colors that highlight the beautiful aesthetics of the Ottoman Empire.

Jonathan Adler

Modern American glamour.

Jonathan Adler is a true artist who makes no compromises to create modern and luxurious interior design as well as ceramics, furniture, lighting and home accessories.

Ortigia Sicilia

Ortigia Sicilia is an Italian brand that produces exclusive body care products. They use natural ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals.

The product is nourishing and has a wonderful scent. Ortigia Sicilia also offers gift sets and collections, perfect for any occasion. Explore their luxurious and natural products that will pamper both your skin and soul.


Mojoo creating timeless lacquer trays and boxes for the home. These classic products come in a wide range of colors, and each season introduces new trend colors that complement previous collections.

All the trays are handmade in Vietnam using traditional techniques. They are made of wood, which has been lacquered up to 12 times to achieve a smooth high-gloss finish. This technique helps create an exclusive expression that we are passionate about.

Collectable Items

We love to find rare treasures, so our selection is always fresh and surprising. Whether you are a collector, an interior designer, or just someone who appreciates authentic goods, our items will enrich your home and tell a story that goes far beyond modern society.

Explore our website and find the perfect treasure for your life and home.