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Luxurious perfumes, soaps, and creams

Himmerli is the destination for luxurious perfumes, soaps, and creams from some of the world’s most exclusive brands, including the prestigious Italian brand Ortigia Sicilia.

Ortigia Sicilia is renowned for their enchanting fragrance creations and beauty products, inspired by the breathtaking beauty and rich culture of Sicily. Each product is handmade with care and attention to detail, containing natural ingredients that gently nourish and pamper your skin.

Whether it’s their luxurious perfumes capturing the essence of Mediterranean flowers and spices, their silky soaps leaving the skin clean and fragrant, or their nourishing creams providing intense hydration and nourishment, Ortigia Sicilia’s products are a true sensory delight.

We are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of Ortigia Sicilia’s products, allowing you to bring a bit of Sicilian beauty into your own home. Whether you’re seeking a subtle scent for everyday use, a luxurious gift for a loved one, or a beauty routine that indulges your senses, we have something for every taste and need.

Ortigia Sicilia’s perfumes, soaps, and creams, along with other exclusive brands, await you.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Sicily and experience the art of luxury.